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Monday January 5th 2009
Comic Shop Post 11:02 pm-
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So I collect comic books. Now I am old fashion enough that I prefer to read the real thing. I like to hold it and smell the paper. So I can’t download all of the comics I want to read. I have to go to a comic book store to get them. Now having worked so far in the hotel business for over 15 years (maybe 20, I’ve lost count) I have some strange ideas about the costumer always being right.

These strange ideas are what put me in my current situation. Basically I had a disagreement with the people at Tomorrow is Yesterday about a comic book I asked them to hold for me. Now they felt “holding a book” means that I’m obligated to pay for the book. They stuck to this belief and I paid for the comic and told them to stop pulling the comics I wanted. I never returned to that store. So I had to either find a local comic book store or an online comic book store. I went with the local comic book store.

Cancel all of my subscriptions. I wanted to support a local comic shop. But I can’t do business with an establishment that misses comics that I’ve asked for them to pull. I went to Tomorrow is Yesterday for over 15 years and they never once missed an issue. Perhaps it’s my fault for not coming in frequently? But I don’t think so. It’s not my job to babysit the comic shop owner. So thanks for trying. But I’ve got to go some where were I always get the comics I ask for. No matter if I come in once a week or every three months. It shouldn’t matter.

Blah blah.

First of all, I stopped pulling your comics because YOU didn’t bother coming in for over 6 months last year. The comics that are missing are missing because of YOUR fault, not mine.

Second of all, you just stuck me with several books by Warren Ellis, because, and I quote “I want EVERYTHING that ellis puts out”

So canceling your subscriptions is not a problem. Maybe the next time you make a commitment to any establishment, you should be more responsible in showing up on a timely fashion. You are well aware after “15 years” with Tomorrow is Yesterday that you accumulate new books on an almost weekly basis. I am not your babysitter, and it’s not my responsibility to have to remind you on a monthly, or bi-monthly basis to pick up your comics. Especially when it was a problem even getting ahold of you last year because YOU failed to keep me updated on ways to contact you.

And it shouldn’t matter if I sit on an expense for 3 months?? Ok, granted, but you were M.I.A. last year for over 6 MONTHS. Take responsibility for your shortcomings.

So to recap, the books that are missing are YOUR fault, not mine. 100 bullets 91 to 93 WERE in your box for many months, but luckily, I was able to unload them to an actual buyer when you were unable to be reached.

Good luck with future endeavors, and I would appreciate you never shopping in my store again.

Take care,
Beloit Comic Store Owner

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