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Friday March 28th 2003
My Birthday 2:03 am-
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First thanks to everybody who wished me a happy birthday. Here’s how my birthday day went.

When I got home from work today (yesterday now) I had planned on going right to bed. But I ended up playing Galactic Civilizations from 8:00 am (when I got home from work) to about 1:00 pm.

I slept from 2:00pm to about 4:00 pm, and then had dinner with my Dad and Brother. Then I was going to log on to DAoC and just about fell asleep at the computer while my computer booted.

I go back to bed and sleep till about 10 minutes before I had to get my ass to work. And this is where it gets fun.

I go in to work around 10:05 pm and just about ten minutes after I punch in something odd happened. And the following is kind of gross.

This guy who is painting or whatever stumbles up to the front desk and he has this really nasty wound to his nose. He’s drunk so he’s only mumbling, but apparently his old lady slashed his face and she cut his nose straight down the middle.

So this drunk dumb poor bastard is standing at the desk with half of his nose hanging only by a little bit of flesh and blood is pour onto the counter. The guy has a towel that he was wiping his face off with, but he wasn’t trying to apply pressure to his huge gapping wound. I could see the bone in his nose. It was really gross.

I call the cops and they come down with an ambulance and they talk to the guy first and then take him to the hospital. The girlfriend is arrested and the area CSI team comes to look at the evidence.

Now it’s about 1:50 am and this all happened around 10:10 pm, and all the blood is still on the desk drying up. It is gross. I asked the guy (he’s in charge of remodeling) who’s friends with the owner, about having someone clean it up. He just shrugs and walks off.

So that’s how my birthday went. Overall it was a pretty lousy one.

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