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Monday April 24th 2006
Rumor Mill 11:30 pm-
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I’ve got rumors. Who wants some rumors? And it’s all sort of related. The sheriff of operations is dead. Long live the sheriff. I often wondered what a person does when they get the “of operations” suffix attached to their title. I wondered what an “of operations” person does. Here at this hotel an “of operations” guy ran the front desk, housekeeping, and maybe engineering.

Well not any more. Housekeeping is now run by Jani or so the story goes. Which from the talk form the housekeeping employees this was a move that was needed. Management of housekeeping has been less than desired. Which not all of the blame can be pointed at the sheriff of operations. There are a few employees that were promoted that should not have been. And when you start letting family in and show that them special treatment over the rest you start to have some big problems.

Next topic. It’s time to say goodbye and rest in peace to TimeClock Plus. Which was chronicled briefly in No Punch, Time Travel, and Time Fixed. It’s been said that this biometric system has been kaput since the last pay period. So for at least two weeks now this system has been dead. Has any manger told anyone? No. As per the usual with this hotel employees have got to find out by word of mouth.

One final bit before I go. I will not ever refer to myself as a computer wiz to a guest. Never fucking ever ok? That kind of information is need to know and frankly that’s just not something the guest needs to know. So when you go and talk to a guest who had trouble with an employee that claims he is a computer wiz and who works weekends let’s make sure that you realize two things.

  1. I don’t refer to myself as a computer wiz.
  2. I never work weekends.

So simple even my niece and nephew knows the second point. The two points I expect the guy in charge to be able to handle. I’ll be grilling my niece and nephew on the first point as well. So when two kids between the ages of six and seven can grasp something the guy in charge doesn’t I begin to worry.

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