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Friday April 14th 2006
Drunk People 2:31 am-
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Drunk people. I hate them. The bar called down when I came in and wanted someone (other than themselves) to come down and take care of some passed out drunk. My response was of course your on your own. Actually I told them to call the cops. They said but it’s a guest. Fuck them. Passed out drunk is not a hotel sort of problem. That’s the realm of men in blue.

Later a hotel employee came up with this supposed drunk passed out guy. Which I had assumed that the employee was taking the guy home? Or something. Well as it turns out that this employee was taking the drunk to another bar. Or again I assume this is what happened. Because this employee later returned with the drunk and was shit faced also. This particular employee I have seen all boozed up before.

The employee asked me to call a cab. I dialed the number and gave them the phone. When I’m not drunk I can’t stand drunk people. This drunk hotel employee is trying their best to be funny. I hate funny drunk people even more. So I decided to take the humor out of this employee by letting them know that the cab takes forever to get here. The drunk employee doesn’t like this. The drunk employee wants to go home and pass out.

It’s at this point that this shit faced employee decided to drive home. Except the drunk employee doesn’t want to look like some shit faced drunk and they try to get me to decide for them. The employee doesn’t know me. I’m only responsible for one person. Me. I don’t give a fuck about some drunk asshole. If you want to drive home drunk do it. If you want to wait for the cab great. Your an adult and it’s time to act like it. And of course the drunk employee drove home.

Now I’m sure that I’m the bad guy here. I should have been the babysitter for this drunk employee of the hotel? I should have forced the employee to give me their keys? Sorry not me. I’m payed 8.75 an hour to do the audit. That is it. No more, no less. I don’t care if I come off the bad guy. I like being know as the asshole. I’ll be damned if I have to start looking after stupid fucking employees that don’t have the common sense to wait for a cab rather than risk getting a DUI or worse.

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