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Monday February 20th 2006
It’s Official 12:30 am-
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I think things are now officially out of whack at the hotel. As if it was normal at some point with the stupid shit the sheriff allows the idiot to get away with. Last week the sheriff took a week (or more) off. The sheriff does not return to work (hah) until this coming Wednesday. Now get this. His excuse was that he was sick. That the hotel was making him sick. He had a doctors excuse to go along with this limp dick reasoning of his. Do I need to say it? Yeah lets. What a pussy.

For fucks sake. I’ve worked at that shithole for a decade plus change. I’ve seen a lot (and I mean a lot) of managers come and go. The sheriff of operations has got to be in my opinion the worst of the whole fucking lot. To use that kind of bullshit excuse. Jesus what a fucking pussy. It’s like official now My Boss Is A Pussy (plug time) huh? Honestly the piece of shit that hired this guy should be strung up and tarred and feathered. The sheriff has brought about the most chaotic time the hotel has ever experienced.

A desk clerk did the schedule for this upcoming week? Is that fucked up? The sheriff couldn’t bother to do the fucking schedule. Jesus I dislike this sheriff more and more I hear about the shit he gets away with. Hello you Owner people! Wake the fuck up! What the fuck are you paying this guy for? He doesn’t do his job. Desk clerks do his job. Desk clerks take shifts he should work. Desk clerks now do the schedule that he should do. At what point do you decide that just maybe this guy isn’t worth the money your paying him?

It’s a sad state of affairs at the hotel. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to change. Under this current owner/management I see little hope for the place. I often say it can’t get any worse. I’m always proven wrong though as it gets worse. But on the flip side it can be restated that it now is official that my boss is a pussy.

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