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Wednesday February 1st 2006
No Timecards 4:59 am-
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You know it’s getting to the point that I wish I could just tell all of you that I make all of this nonsenses up regarding the hotel. I really wish I could. And I often think to myself that the place can’t get any worse. Only to find that even before the thought can clear my mind that it has indeed gotten worse.

Today for example. Pay periods at the shithole end on every 15th and last day of the month. So on those days whomever is working the audit has to pull the timecards and replace the old ones with new. Pretty simple right? Timecards are left out at the desk for the auditors. Once the last person punches out (other than the auditor) you pull all the time cards and put them in the back for the “accounting” people. Then of course you put the new timecards out. Very simple process.

So what happens when you don’t have new timecards? Well in the past it was a simple mistake and there have been these spares that you use to show new people how to punch in. Well there are no spare and there are no new ones. I’ve looked all over this goddamn shithole of a hotel for these timecards and I can’t find them. Thank the gods I can still use my old one to punch out with. It makes you wonder why exactly there are no new timecards for me to put out?

Let me tell you a story. There once was a nice lady who worked in back and she made sure that things in the back office ran the way they should. She was responsible for payroll (because the hotels accounting department is staffed with idiots) and getting me the new timecards. She quit is the happy ending to this story. She was able to find a place that wanted to give her raises. A place that treats good employees the way they should be treated. With respect.

So all the place has in the back office is the sheriff of operations. Oh jesus we are all fucked! No one is getting payed ever again! Our lives are in the hands of someone who can not even run the front desk the way it should be ran. Run for the fucking hills people! About the only good this sheriff has done (as I see it) is be the inspiration for MyBossIsAPussy.com (shameless plug) and thats not saying much is it?

I’m going to enjoy this morning as I try to explain to the employees of this hotel why they can’t punch in. Well I’m not really going to explain a goddamn thing to anyone. Everyone is on their own. This place keeps getting worse. I know that every time I say “it can’t get worse” that it does. I shudder to think what tomorrow brings.

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