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Friday June 2nd 2006
Bus Memo 12:52 am-
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I can’t believe the fucking bus is still an issue. Check this out:

June 1, 2006

All Front Desk Agents

For the time being, we will be providing shuttle service to and from the BP/McDonald’s area where the Van Galder is now running. I don’t expect you to do it, but please notify engineering, management, or the MOD and they can help the guest. I will need to get an answer on what do if someone needs transportation early in the morning when no one is available.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


The Sheriff
Director of Operations
Ramada Inn-South Beloit

Let me get this right. The bus no longer stops here and we are going to waste time and money to ferry these assholes to and from the new bus stop? Did I read that right? Let me read it again. Well fuck me I did read it right. The hotel I think is officially the poster child for throwing money down the toilet.

Let’s clarify for a second. The memo mentions helping “the guest” in the second sentence. What is a guest is the issue then for me. Answers.com says a guest is:

One who pays for meals or accommodations at a restaurant, hotel, or other establishment; a patron.

Until these assholes step foot on hotel property and spend money they are not guests. Why provide a shuttle for these few (very few) that may take the bus that will stay at this hotel. It’s like admitting that the hotel fucked it all up by losing the bus. At this point it’s not really wise to make yourselves look any stupider than you already are by doing this. Save some face blame it on the bus.

Now I don’t want to appear to be totally negative to the needs of these assholes on the bus. I have an answer for this:

I will need to get an answer on what do if someone needs transportation early in the morning when no one is available.

It’s so simple really that you may laugh. I see two options here.

  1. They can walk
  2. They can call a taxi

When I work those are the options. End of story. I don’t care how many goddamn memos come out telling me different. I frankly don’t even acknowledge the buses existence any longer. Not that I get that many inquiries on the bus. But the lucky few that do call or come in asking gets no help from me other than the bus no longer stops here. It’s so satisfying.

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