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Friday December 20th 2002
Been Waiting 6:11 am-
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I have been biding my time. I have always known that one day I would be able to get revenge. I realize this is a petty way to feel. I realize that those bastards that fired me are long gone. I realize I’m a little vague here. It’s just that I talk about this at least every year. Sometimes I mention it more.

Back in the day I got fired from the hotel. I was fired because of my website. So whenever “they” talk about the hotel getting a website I always have to chuckle. Because whenever this hotel website is brought up, it’s funny how they always want me to do it.

Now I realize some of these guys running the place are not American. And to clarify I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I sometimes think that these foreigners don’t understand the way we Americans are. But when this talk about a hotel site goes on I can’t help thinking not a chance in hell. And I think this is an American response, not something they may expect. Seeing how these new owners are more than a little stingy with the raises I’m in a position to not help them.

Between my own site and the new AOD Guild site I just don’t have the time. The fact is the only way I’m doing the hotel a site is if I’m paid. I’m not talking about doing it on the clock while I do audit. I mean getting paid for helping them get a website for the hotel. Either in addition to my meager hourly audit wage or a new position were I come in and do it when it’s convenient to me. Call me silly, but I don’t see that happening.

So for now all they get is “not a chance in hell” and that is me being generous.

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