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Wednesday October 31st 2001
This And That 8:39 am-
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Back in the day when the faggot was still just a peon (the faggot is the guy who got me fired) I told him if he ever became a manager he should fire me. It was advice the pinhead didn’t remember right away. But eventually it came back to him. I gave this same advice to the front desk manager last night.

Seeing our history it’s the least I could do. You see I’ve decided I’m not going to put up with these cowboy fucks pushing around us peons at the hotel. The uniform issue is a case closed kind of thing. Before I started making a stink about the pesky “law” stuff the talk was they were going to make us order shit out of some catalog they had. Now seeing that that would mean they have to pay for the shit, the story is now we can buy our clothes any where.

I’m not saying this was changed because of me. It would be cool if that was the case. Cheap is their middle name. Why would I tell the lady to fire me? Because I’m fucking stupid. If I only could do as my dad says and not cause trouble.

If I could help it, I would help it. But I can’t. I hope I can find another job before these fucks have to fire me again. And I still want more employee’s to interact with the site. Don’t be pussies about this.

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