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Tuesday November 3rd 1998
The End Could Be Nigh 3:00 am-
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In the last month this site has taken a life of its own. two rumors regarding this site have sprung up. Rumor number one was that I had reported on this site about the GM’s secretary being fired a week before she was actually fired. Ok that’s a rumor that I don’t mind, it give the site a kind of myth I am looking for. Rumor two really fucking pisses me off. Which I won’t go in to details, because I have some morals (right Scott?). It involves the sexual orientation of a person being discussed on this page along with nude pictures. the person in question hasn’t taken this rumor to well. Some of you have that lack of character to make smartass remarks to the person.

My number one rule on this site is that I will not touch a person sexual orientation with a ten foot poll on this site. No fucking way. I’m crazy not stupid. If I wanted to discuss a persons sexuality I could have opened fire along time ago. But I didn’t. If I ever go into a discussion about one’s sexual preference it will be about me not any one else.

Second because of the agreement with the place that is hosting my website I can not have any nude or pornographic content on this site. And if I was stupid enough to make fun of a person I sure as shit would not go after a peon like my self. I would go for the big cheese.

Back to these childish fucks who are spreading these rumors. You people are scum. I won’t name your names on this site because I don’t need too. You know who you are. At work I won’t say anything either. I’ll just give you a wink and you will know who I am talking about. But really, if any of you who have heard this, told this, or know who started this please give me a ring or e-mail. I would welcome any feedback on this situation that I can get. If there was ever a time that I ask for my readers to show signs of support it is now. take a stand. If you people read this site even a little you know that this shit is totally untrue. Its just that I don’t want to be fired for shit I haven’t even done.

That is all.

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