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Sunday January 31st 1999
One Year Old 5:17 am-
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Its been a year since this humble little website of mine came into existence. I like to think its been worth it. I have learned how to run a half decent sized website with little help. I’m finally getting the hang of HTML. I might even branch into a little more complicated waters in the coming months. There are many things you can do to jazz up a website. Bells and whistles as Spider calls them.

In the years time the biggest thing to happen to me is because of this website. I sure you people would ask has it all been worth it? Would you do any of it over? Yes its been worth it. I have been expressing my right as an American to voice my freedom of speech. Despite the fact I was fired by those Fascist bastards because of my “opinion”. If I had the chance to do this all over again I would go after the head honchos a lot more than what I did. I feel that I was pretty lax in my treatment of those assholes. Next time I’ll burn them down to the ground. I don’t mean that literally.

Its to bad there is no one left with my “bad attitude” to carry on the torch. But after my departure you all are probably afraid to voice your opinion. And your being right in those fears. I don’t look down on any one for having those fears. I do admit I am a little disappointed that no one does step forth to voice their opinion when they know their right. Those bastards at that Hotel can’t go on treating the employees like shit. One of these days they will get what’s coming to them. And boy will I be laughing my ass off. Soon. Be patient. I am.

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