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Monday January 15th 2001
This And That 4:30 am-
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Wow, I’m off four days and a few interesting things happen at the hotel. Nothing that affects me. The hotel’s restaurant got robbed. I hear that they think it was a “inside job”.

The big news of course was that the Front Desk Manager either quit or got fired. Now I have never mentioned the FDM here on the page. Not the up to now current one. I didn’t want any wrong ideas getting into his head. I referred to him as “The Kid”. Which he didn’t much care for. Let me right now clear up any misconceptions about The Kid any of you could have got from hearing me talk about him.

I have/had nothing against him. Sure in the beginning I didn’t like the idea. But, he was a nice guy. I never had any problems with him. In fact I would go as far as to say that the problems the hotel had with him were not his fault. Why? You may ask. Here’s why. The blame should be heaped on the shoulders of whoever hired him. It wasn’t his fault. He got a job that is always a learning experience. I’m sure they were not paying him the greatest amount of money. He’s young. So he is going to pick up things he didn’t maybe know before.

I bet all of us at one time got a job that we may not have been totally qualified for. You learn as you go. That’s part of biting off more than you can chew. I had more than I can handle when I got the gig with Amerihost. And it didn’t work out for me. But I got some experience doing something I hadn’t done before. And it looks good on a resume. I hope he lands on his feet. And I wish him luck.

So who is the title Front Desk Manager going to? Well to my surprise a lady who was Front Desk Manager a few FDM’s back. She’s one of the old guard. She has the experience to run the Front Desk the way it should be ran. So we have a new GM and a new FDM. The new GM doesn’t know me, so I don’t know what to expect from him. She on the other hand has worked with me before. I have change since the last time she worked with me. The biggest change in me is of course this website. She knows that I have it.

But I still don’t know if this site is going to become an issue. I hope not. Because I’m not going to give it up. I don’t foresee me going out of my way to cause trouble. But I will not take any grief over this. I am exercising my rights as an American. I may be getting nervous in my old age. But you never know.

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