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Thursday March 6th 2008
Definition 12:22 am-
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I was checking some links that lead to me and found Wikipedia’s entry Night Auditor. Wikipedia has a textbook description of what a Night Auditor is and what they do. Here is the first paragraph:

A night auditor is a hotel employee who typically handles both the duties of the front desk agent and some of the duties of the accounting department. This is necessitated by the fact that most fiscal days close at or around midnight, and the normal workday of the employees in the accounting department does not extend to cover this time of day.

Very textbook. It lacks the real world flavor that this Everything2.com entry has:

“Night Auditor” is the glorified term for a hotel front desk clerk that works the graveyard shift (typically 11 P.M. to 7 A.M). This is a nice job if you don’t like dealing with people, but those few that you do have to deal with tend to be mentally ill and/or intoxicated. An upside to this job is that you’re likely to be hired or keep this job despite your incompetence or criminal record, as no one else is willing to work this shift. The usual tasks involved in this job include checking guests in and out of the hotel, running end-of-day reports for the management, making coffee for the early birds, and playing lots and lots of solitaire. Common symptoms of being a night auditor include the inability to see in the sunlight and considering more than one car sharing the road with you to be “traffic.”

This was funny enough for me to write about. I also feel it is a dead on description on what night audit is really like today. The Wikipedia entry may have been more accurate ten years ago or perhaps in a big hotel. I know my job is more like Everything2.com description. Back in the day I did some accounting type duties, but not anymore. Which I think is one of the side effects of some of the software that hotels use. It’s easier for the computer to do the accounting end than it is for the dumb human that is hired to do the night audit.

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