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Tuesday March 6th 2001
Kids These Days? 5:05 am-
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Have you looked at the USA Today yet this morning? All I can say is what the fuck is wrong with kids these days? Sorry for swearing, but this is getting crazy. Charles “Andy” Williams is now to be almost as infamous as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. The only difference between Williams and the Columbine duo is that Williams didn’t kill himself. I think it’s a shame Williams didn’t snuff out his own life. Is that harsh? I don’t think so.

So what is it? Is this teen killing spree phenomenon the result of these kids being bullied? Is it games such as Doom and Quake? About being bullied, isn’t that a fact of life? Isn’t that part of our culture? I just can’t buy into the “being bullied” excuse. Nor do I buy into the blame that’s put on video games and movies. I’m 28 and I never remember any of this kind of thing happening when I was in high school. And what about our parents generation? Never happened when they went to school. And our parents generation had killings all over TV. From the various assassinations to the classic cartoons of the day. And our parents got to see a guy killed live on TV.

Well none of us before this recent generation of youngsters have gone whacko. And I played Doom, so I should have went on a killing spree if games like Doom are really to blame. So is it just these kids that are all fucked up? I mean that has to be it right? It’s got to be the kids these days. But what exactly is the culprit behind them? Is it that guns are easier to get a hold of? That most be it. Or are kids these days just mentally unbalanced?

It’s got to the point that I don’t want to go down to my old high school to visit Mr. Peterson (Social commentary? I’m trying Jeff) because I’m afraid of those kids man. Kids today just scare the shit out of me. The only way you will see me down at the high school is if I know the kids are out of school. Or someone get me a flak jacket.

Now in defense of “kids these days” I do know a couple of nice kids. One of them is Adrian (a frequent reader) who to the eye seems like a nice kid. I’m kidding. Adrian is a good kid. Then there’s Brad (another reader). Both of them are smart. And I would be really disappointed if these guys ever did this kind of thing. Because they now better. I have had the chance to talk to both of them a number of times and I don’t see this behavior in them. So why are these kids that do this kind of thing different from Adrian and Brad? Answer? I don’t know.

Can it be the upbringing? I think if anyone is to blame it’s the parents of these whack job kids. We are what we are because of are upbringing and our surroundings. So if these kids home life are shit maybe that’s the reason? I mean the Columbine kids filmed videos showing their explosives and weaponry. How is it my parents knew I had Playboys under my bed yet these parents of these kids can’t seem to find these weapons? So that’s it right? Blame the parents. Well I’m not even so sure of that. Maybe someone smarter than me can explain this to me.

And what about the teachers? Can they be blamed? I learned a lot from my teachers. Or I should say “I learned a lot from the teachers I paid attention to.” I of course don’t buy this either. Don’t you think these teachers should be scared? And what about when the teachers start bitching about their pay? Don’t you think they deserve a raise because of recent events. I would at least expect hazard pay for them.

So in the end I don’t have answers. I just have more questions. So how about Adrian or Brad sounding off on kids your age? And could I get any Teachers to give me their say? Or anyone give me a reasonable explanation to this whole thing. Send your response to @hotelblues.com.

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