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Friday March 6th 2009
Watching Watchmen 6:21 am-
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So me, my brother, and my dad are going to go see the Watchmen movie today. I have not been holding my breath. In fact I have been setting myself up for a major disappointment in what has been called an unfilmable comic book. There are two things that make me want to have hope that the movie will be good.

  1. the movie is set in the 80’s like the comic book
  2. the Rorschach character looks to be on the money

Things I don’t like include the fact that the ending has been neutered. Because of 9/11 we can’t go showing New York City destroyed by a fake alien invasion. Why is it we have become such huge pussies since 9/11? Jesus it’s  a movie people. Bunch of god damn pussies. Also a minor nitpick but they wouldn’t let any of the good characters smoke. It’s perfectly fine for some of the bad guys to smoke. But not good guys. More pussy bullshit.

And right now I’m saying that I will have a huge heart attack if Doctor Manhattan does not explode Rorschach into a mist of blood. Some things just have to be the same. Rorschach buying it is one of those things that to my mind can not be changed. Letting him survive would just be the final insult in the pussifcation of the movie. Sorry if I just spoiled the story to a twenty year old comic book.

With any luck the movie will be really good and my setting myself up for it to fail will pay big when it does not suck.

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One Response to ''Watching Watchmen''
The Beast says:
March 7th, 2009 at 7:42 am

Dude, I agree with you on the pussification of society. It’s sad. As far as the dude getting blown to a red mist, it depends on the movies rating I guess. The New Rambo movie had him frag a guy point blank with a 50 cal. machine gun. Now that was a red mist. After he got done fireing there was nothing left. So, it aint beyond Hollywood to show that shit.

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