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Thursday July 28th 2005
I Hate My Job 12:50 am-
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I’m loosing the will to go to work. I have been late every day this week. The worst part of it is that I don’t really care anymore. Who would they be doing a favor if they fired me (again)? The thing is I want to get fired again. I know that’s the only way I’m getting out of here.

The air conditioning again. It’s fucked up. It don’t work. Ok? Fix the fucking air your retarded fucks that run and own this shithole of a hotel. We lost a whole team of soccer players (or some shit) to the fucked up air conditioning. How much money is it that we loose to the broken air conditioning? The air problem has been going on now for at least a decade. The cost of fixing the air has probably gone higher than the cost of fixing it. I just don’t understand how management (or again the owners) can run this hotel like this. I see two possibilities here to explain the way you people run the hotel.

  • Possible Reason One: You just don’t care.
  • Possible Reason Two:You are incompetent.

In my mind that’s it. There can be no other reason to explain the way these assholes run this place. And if it’s entirely an issue of incompetent management then I say shame on the owners. Honestly now one way or another the blame has to be put onto the shoulders of these people who own the hotel. What are you people doing? You should be ashamed at what you have done to this hotel. Let me remind you what these owner’s said around the time they acquired this hotel:

I wanted to pick a hotel I would be proud of in the future. Once my plan is completed, I’ll be proud of this hotel.?

So my question is simple. Was your plan to run this hotel like shit? Are you indeed proud of what you have done? Because I am just utterly god damned ashamed of what you have done to this hotel. I hate coming into work every night. And it is all your fault. Take charge and make these above words true. Because no one like a quitter and no one likes a liar. You people make me sick.

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