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Friday October 18th 2002
This And That 2:58 am-
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It’s great having a working computer again. But I can’t help feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I guess I have had it working so many times like it was fine, just to have it go to hell on me later. I have my fingers crossed.

I talked to the guy who runs the Coleman Posse website on AIM the other day. It wasn’t a major conversation, it was just a polite hello. I really like the guy, for what I know of him. I urge everyone to go check his site if you have not yet. Apparently he’s been getting some shit from some assholes saying he’s copying another site’s whole vibe. Which is bullshit. Go check him out for yourself.

And for good measure here are two other links I found at the Coleman Posse links page. Hotmail Sucks and Tourist of Death. Both of these sites are done by the same person.

Hotmail Sucks made me laugh hard reading about his problems with some AOL user bitching about his Tourist of Death website. After telling the AOl user to “go punch yourself in the balls” the AOL guy narks him out to Hotmail and his account gets yanked. It’s funny stuff and the amazing thing was when the Hotmail Sucks host backed up the guys rights when the little bitch of AOL user e-mailed the website host to complain.

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