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Monday May 19th 2003
Hotel Website? 2:25 am-
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The last time I mentioned the idea of me doing a website for the hotel I said:

So one last time let me answer the question of me doing a website for the hotel (in bold type no less): No Fucking Way. Not for free, not for money, and not even if you begged. And if you have to ask why? It’s because I can.

As of late I have been rethinking my position on doing the hotel a website. The reason being that the library gig hasn’t come through yet. There is some kind of hold up of getting the library site going. It kind of sounds like office politics.

So it seems I have the time to help the hotel, but only if certain requirements are met. And the requirements (demands) are not to outrageous. They are pretty reasonable if you ask me.

The first requirement is that I need a decent pc out at the frontdesk. This laptop just doesn’t cut it. It freezes up to often to get any work done. This one isn’t negotiable. I will not come in any other time to do this kind of work. I’m anti social and do not want to have the company of others while I do my thing.

The second requirement is a raise. I haven’t had a raise in almost three years. I’m not asking for a huge raise, but a raise is required for my help and knowledge.

The third and final requirement is a internet connection supplied by the hotel. Again this is a pretty simple one. And I’m not asking for a T1 or anything. A simple AOL account will suffice.

So if these requirement (demands) can be met I will help out the hotel with their website. Otherwise it’s a no can do. Help thy self if these requirement can’t be met. The pc they moved to sales has all of the tools needed to build a website. FTP Client, Frontpage for a wysiwyg, and an Image Editor. All that’s needed is the know how.

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