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Thursday April 29th 2004
City Of Heroes 11:59 pm-
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Well I got to say City of Heroes is pretty fun to play. Of course I only played maybe 2 hours max today before I took my nap for work. I made level 3 already, but the chat in game says leveling is slow. But so far I’ve been having to much fun just playing the game.

Character creation is quite involved, if you spend the time on it. You can just about make any kind of super hero you can imagine. You can only tweak the costume. There no stats to adjust. But you do get to pick your primary and secondary powers. At level 6 you also get to choose from a power pool of additional powers. You gain powers every other level.

Now there are no items in this game like in your standard mmorpg. But three things do drop from mobs. Every mob you kill gives you xp (of course) and what they call influence points. You use these points to buy from the two item types from npc’s. The two item types are power enhancers and inspirationals. Power enhancers of course enhance your powers in a many different possible ways. Inspirationals are one shot items. They can do all kinds of things, buff, heal, damage add, etc.

One Two
Three Four

You start in training zone which looked to me gave no exp for mobs you killed while not on a mission. But that’s only in this training zone. Missions are the games bread and butter in the same way I imagine WoW’s quests are (got to pimp WoW). You get missions from npc’s called contacts. Missions can vary from fedex type quests to patrolling an area to going into a instanced “dungeon” to kill all the mobs inside. You will find clues inside these missions that can add to the flavor of the whole super hero thing going on in the game. My three levels I’ve made are form doing missions only. You can run into mobs on the street either committing a crime or just standing around talking shit.

And the powers are kinda like Camelot’s styles/magic really. Each time you use one it costs endurance and has a short re-timer on it. You can que up two powers in advance and even set one power to auto attack.

That’s pretty much all I can think of for now. Any questions you guys got I’ll try to answer them. Uh and I may have been overly harsh in my news post. I don’t miss not having a secret identity or an arch villian at all. The game is fun as it is.

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