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Monday September 10th 2001
New Game 3:10 am-
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I played the demo of a game called Operation Flashpoint today. The only reason I loaded up the demo was because I saw that Best Buy had it on sale for 29.99 and I have been in a kick for 3d graphics. After playing the demo I went and bought this guy.

Wow. It is a cool game. It’s kind of like Rainbow Six and games of that ilk. But its a tough game and it has great graphics. It’s hard to explain what the game does. So here’s what Tycho from the Penny Arcade had to say:

I’ve been scared nearly to death. I’ve played plenty of games where I have to shoot guys before guys shoot me, that natural axiom is (by now) staid and familiar. Before Operation Flashpoint, I’d never truly meditated on my actual mortality as I took fire. Never thought about the recipients of my fire as human beings. I’ll probably get better at the game itself, but for now I’m a nervous wreck when shit starts to go down. It’s absolute chaos. Half of my squad had been cut down before I reached the forest, and when I got to the cover of those trees I crawled on my belly and just tried not to die. [Read More]

That’s how I felt playing it. The back of the box says “as close to war as you ever want to get” and it’s right. And man this ain’t no Quake style game. You take a few hits and it’s game over. If you dig military sims this just may be the game for you. I have a lot of practicing to do.

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