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Saturday November 24th 2001
The Games 5:51 am-
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Well beside my DAoC fix, I have a few other games I’m playing that keeps me from getting outside and seeing the real world.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon. Wow! This one is awesome. If you remember when I talked about Operation Flashpoint and how much I dug that game. Well Ghost Recon has it beat. Big time. Ghost has the other Clancy games like Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear beat also. It’s the closest thing to getting actual combat experience. Wonderful graphics and sound that puts you in the battlefield.

Empire Earth is also eating away at my free time. This one is made by one of the guys who did Age Of Empires. You could call it Age Of Empires 3. Full 3d and it expands on all the features and ideas that made Age Of Empires such a fun game.

Return To Castle Wolfenstien the sequel to the classic id game Wolfenstien 3d is also on my pile of current games I’m playing. RTCW is a cool WWII flavored shooter that is a lot of fun. And man does it look good (if you have the hardware).

And finally you have Aquanox. Aquanox is a game that I picked up just because it takes advantage of all of the bells and whistles my GeForce 3 is capable of. When I got this one to work it sure did look great. Amazing graphics! But this bad boy doesn’t like Windows Xp. In fact Aquanox fucking hates Win Xp. Out of the box it wouldn’t even run. A patch was released today that got it running. For a little bit. Very sad. It may be a great game, I just don’t know yet.

That’s about it for now. I’m also trying to pick up a copy of Wizardry 8. But have had zero luck in finding anyone who has a copy. Sometime when I have time, I need to get out and see some of my peeps. Who I have been neglecting because of my crack like habit with DAoC.

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