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Tuesday February 6th 2001
The GuestBook 10:52 am-
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She said “you guys”. Mr. Izer stopped by to check in on the mayhem lately. Shit just read what the man said in the GuestBook:

Email: no no info
Where: from some git I know
Date: 02/05/01
Time: 07:29 PM


Well well well, I haven’t wrote in this guest book in a little while ya know had to pop out a couple of beautiful kids and build the izer/spider/jeff mansion. Hey Hey things are sure getting interesting in the old site which I can say I’ve been there since the beginning! Damn I feel old. SO does anybody want to hear what I have to say about secretive? YES, NO? Well TOO DAMN BAD you are going to hear it anyway. The man behind the curtain running this web site has been my closest friend for a good many years and if you really got to know him as a FRIEND! You would know that he thinks that his friends are even more important that family because he’s like me family always “FUCKS YOU AT THE DRIVE THRU”! And if HE/SHE was really Turk’s friend they would just fess up and get some balls (Depending on the testosterone levels?) And stop BEATING AROUND THE FUCKING BUSH and say what they want to say! So have your little fun if you must to get your kicks and it does make for some good tit for tat? “But that is just my opinion!” And as a great poet once said “FUCK THEM! FUCK THEM ALL!” And in as Dennis Quaid put it “I’m BAACCK!”

What can I say? He’s right about the friend’s thing. At least I try. Friends are important to me. Well I’m out of juice.

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