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Monday October 15th 2007
Hotel Insider Chat 4:02 am-
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Here is my chat with the Hotel Insider. We cover a few topics of interest regarding the worst hotel ever. What happened when the cops came to talk to me. What the hotel is like now. The newb auditor turned into a front desk supervisor. And a shared dislike for the biggest douche bag in the universe.

[3:31] Turk: you work at the desk?
[3:32] Hotel Insider: no
[3:32] Hotel Insider: I did do night audit before though at another hotel
[3:32] Turk: how did you find out about my site?
[3:32] Hotel Insider: back when you were fired and they were all investigating you etc
[3:32] Hotel Insider: actually when I seen your site
[3:32] Hotel Insider: I was like.. “man wish I could of met that guy he sounds pretty cool”
[3:33] Turk: wow did they make a big deal out of it?
[3:33] Hotel Insider: cause of the the idiots who stole crap from regal beloit
[3:33] Turk: oh
[3:33] Turk: right that shit
[3:33] Turk: heh
[3:33] Hotel Insider: well, we had just got regal beloit again for banquets
[3:33] Hotel Insider: and they were doing like meetings for this new program they paid a mil for or something for managers
[3:34] Hotel Insider: well these 3 people that use to work there I’m pretty sure stole this like big chest that they would keep there laptops in for the trainees
[3:34] Turk: yeah
[3:34] Hotel Insider: and they were watching you and seeing what you were posting etc seeing if maybe you were the one who did it

[3:34] Turk: that was a lot of fun
[3:35] Turk: I told the cops a hell of a lot about that place
[3:35] Hotel Insider: and douche bag GM ..
[3:35] Turk: I miss that guy
[3:35] Hotel Insider: he basically lost us the business from regal beloit
[3:35] Turk: what a scum bag
[3:35] Hotel Insider: he got fired too like 3 months ago maybe less lol that was good
[3:35] Turk: yeah I did hear about that
[3:36] Hotel Insider: hate that prick
[3:36] Turk: yeah
[3:36] Turk: I wasn’t a fan
[3:36] Hotel Insider: he was taking the video tapes from the on demand out.. so he could watch the porno in his room
[3:36] Turk: heh
[3:36] Turk: doesn’t surprise me at all
[3:36] Turk: he was a douche bag
[3:37] Hotel Insider: and he was having like strippers/prostitutes or something going on in his room
[3:37] Turk: yeah that guy was not on the up and up
[3:37] Hotel Insider: and his fat ass secretary got fired along with him for coving up his BS
[3:37] Turk: heh
[3:37] Turk: great!
[3:38] Turk: that bitch
[3:40] Turk: do you know if they are still blocked from viewing my site at the ramada?
[3:40] Turk: I used to block their ip
[3:40] Turk: it may have changed
[3:40] Hotel Insider: dunno never tried to log on there
[3:40] Hotel Insider: but probably the same they don’t have anyone who knows computers
[3:41] Turk: heh
[3:41] Hotel Insider: and im not gonna do shit for them unless they paid me to look at them
[3:41] Turk: yeah
[3:41] Turk: I’m sure it’s the same as when I was there
[3:41] Hotel Insider: I might quit working there unless they pay me more money cause god knows you gotta force them to f’ing give you a raise
[3:41] Turk: virus protection expired and the pc infested with spyware
[3:41] Hotel Insider: probably
[3:42] Turk: yeah tell me about it
[3:42] Turk: is the front desk manager still doing the audit?
[3:42] Turk: some young guy
[3:43] Hotel Insider: yeah they just promoted the night auditor to front desk supervisor
[3:43] Hotel Insider: they couldn’t even make him manager just because he never had manager exp.. retarded
[3:43] Turk: jesus
[3:43] Turk: poor dumb bastard
[3:43] Hotel Insider: and.. on top of it.. since I went in only a few times lately.. he doesn’t seem to know what hes doing anyways
[3:44] Turk: heh
[3:44] Hotel Insider: i think its more screwed up than when you were there lol
[3:44] Turk: theres no one left who knows what they are doing
[3:44] Turk: I’m sure
[3:44] Turk: makes me smile
[3:44] Hotel Insider: ok from how things happened it was kind of like this
[3:45] Hotel Insider: they fire douche bag GM and his fat secretary
[3:45] Hotel Insider: so director of operations took over
[3:45] Hotel Insider: which she i swear is racist
[3:45] Hotel Insider: and because the owner put her in charge the F&B manager hates her.. so she put up a bitch about it and quit
[3:46] Hotel Insider: so the restaurant manager takes over temporarily to do sales and F&B
[3:46] Hotel Insider: because the sales person quit before the GM was fired .. she quit because of douche bag GM
[3:46] Hotel Insider: so they have 1 racist women as GM.. and 1 nice lady doing sales and F&B
[3:46] Turk: amazing
[3:47] Hotel Insider: just those 2..
[3:47] Hotel Insider: then.. they hire a new guy who’s pretty cool
[3:47] Turk: why did the nice sales lady quit?
[3:47] Hotel Insider: the nice sales lady quit because of douche bag
[3:47] Turk: ah
[3:47] Hotel Insider: just like the 2 or more before her..
[3:47] Hotel Insider: because of him
[3:47] Turk: heh
[3:48] Hotel Insider: well they hire this new guy who is cool. but he never worked at a hotel before
[3:48] Hotel Insider: and he was there about 2 weeks
[3:48] Hotel Insider: then the hotel flood.
[3:48] Hotel Insider: so the GM racist women goes and quits because she was being offered more money anyways
[3:48] Hotel Insider: hes doing sales
[3:48] Turk: yeah the beloit inn
[3:48] Turk: ok
[3:48] Hotel Insider: yep
[3:49] Hotel Insider: and the lady who was doing F&B/sales .. she quit to go to beloit inn also
[3:53] Hotel Insider: only the night auditor who was promoted to front desk supervisor has been there long
[3:54] Turk: has to be less than a year
[3:54] Hotel Insider: the restaurant manager, the new sales person were the only ones doing front desk
[3:54] Hotel Insider: along with the auditor
[3:54] Turk: wow
[3:54] Turk: poor guy
[3:54] Turk: he should quit
[3:54] Hotel Insider: they asked me if I wanted to help them do it.. I said no.
[3:55] Turk: heh
[3:55] Hotel Insider: yeah I think the night auditor’s been there like maybe 6 months
[3:55] Hotel Insider: and the new sales guy was new to hotels when they hired him.. and then all a sudden the hotel flood
[3:55] Turk: yeah sounds right
[3:55] Hotel Insider: he was supposedly doing sales for the beloit snappers
[3:56] Hotel Insider: before he went here
[3:56] Hotel Insider: so all the front desk people are newly hired
[3:57] Hotel Insider: oh and the bar manager has been doing front desk to help out atm
[3:57] Turk: it’s amazing any of them know anything
[3:57] Hotel Insider: the bar manager was a GM for a few other places actually
[3:57] Turk: Tejany ever show his face there any more?
[3:58] Hotel Insider: I’ve only seen him like 3 times
[3:58] Hotel Insider: hes been coming to the hotel like once a week since the hotel closed half down
[3:58] Hotel Insider: either him or mostly <Name Removed>
[3:59] Hotel Insider: <Name Removed>? dunno how to spell it
[3:59] Turk: the one guy still do accounting?
[3:59] Turk: yeah
[3:59] Turk: one of their people
[3:59] Hotel Insider: we have <Name Removed> doing accounting hes been there for awhile but not sure if he started after you were fired
[3:59] Turk: I know him
[3:59] Turk: he’s one of them right?
[4:00] Hotel Insider: hes a nice guy, but a goat.. I’m sure he does all the behind dirty work for them
[4:00] Turk: yeah dude was there when I got it again
[4:00] Hotel Insider: basically you ask him why something is f’d up on your check and he doesn’t have an answer for you
[4:00] Turk: yeah thats the guy
[4:00] Turk: heh
[4:01] Hotel Insider: they should do a reality tv show on this place
[4:01] Hotel Insider: seriously lol
[4:01] Turk: heh
[4:01] Turk: nah that would bring them business
[4:01] Turk: I want that hotel to die
[4:01] Turk: not go on
[4:02] Hotel Insider: its weird though cause.. I like the place.. I like doing my job there.. I just have not ever seen a place that does such shady, half backwards.. tabernacle bullshit
[4:02] Turk: yeah
[4:02] Turk: I miss it too
[4:02] Hotel Insider: and its because of the owners
[4:02] Turk: yeah
[4:02] Turk: it used to be a fun place
[4:03] Hotel Insider: I have fun almost all the time I go in to do my setup work
[4:03] Turk: it’s sad what they have done to the place
[4:03] Hotel Insider: its just when I have to deal with the fucked up crap coming from the sales/catering.. or the pay checks and crap that pisses me off
[4:03] Turk: yeah
[4:04] Hotel Insider: they got a like 350 person banquet coming up soon
[4:05] Turk: amazing they get that still
[4:05] Hotel Insider: and last I heard they are thinking the hotel will be open by then
[4:05] Turk: the banquet hall is open then?
[4:05] Hotel Insider: not yet..
[4:05] Hotel Insider: it was booked before the flooding
[4:05] Turk: ah
[4:05] Hotel Insider: supposedly they were having the inspectors come to check out the place today.
[4:06] Hotel Insider: to see if they can open up the banquets/kitchen/bar
[4:06] Turk: nice
[4:06] Hotel Insider: but the place has mold in the air
[4:06] Turk: heh
[4:06] Hotel Insider: and I don’t see why they would open it.
[4:06] Turk: yuck
[4:06] Turk: they won’t
[4:06] Hotel Insider: because your suppose to have the mold taken out of the building professionally and they haven’t had anyone do that
[4:07] Turk: these cheap fucks are going to get theirs
[4:07] Hotel Insider: and I think the reason might be because they are trying to get some insurance money
[4:07] Hotel Insider: no one said that is what there doing.. but seems logical to me
[4:07] Turk: would sound like their mo
[4:07] Hotel Insider: I’m sure they want insurance money so they can have our half-ass engineers do the work and they can pocket the money
[4:08] Hotel Insider: well he runs businesses like a moron
[4:08] Turk: yeah
[4:09] Hotel Insider: I could talk on and on forever about the crap there lol
[4:09] Turk: I could listen forever
[4:12] Turk: good talking to you
[4:12] Turk: thanks for the info
[4:12] Hotel Insider: later
[4:12] Turk: night

Good stuff.

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