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  • Monday October 15th 2007
    Hotel Insider Chat 4:02 am-
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    Here is my chat with the Hotel Insider. We cover a few topics of interest regarding the worst hotel ever. What happened when the cops came to talk to me. What the hotel is like now. The newb auditor turned into a front desk supervisor. And a shared dislike for the biggest douche bag in the universe.

    [3:31] Turk: you work at the desk?
    [3:32] Hotel Insider: no
    [3:32] Hotel Insider: I did do night audit before though at another hotel
    [3:32] Turk: how did you find out about my site?
    [3:32] Hotel Insider: back when you were fired and they were all investigating you etc
    [3:32] Hotel Insider: actually when I seen your site
    [3:32] Hotel Insider: I was like.. “man wish I could of met that guy he sounds pretty cool”
    [3:33] Turk: wow did they make a big deal out of it?
    [3:33] Hotel Insider: cause of the the idiots who stole crap from regal beloit
    [3:33] Turk: oh
    [3:33] Turk: right that shit
    [3:33] Turk: heh
    [3:33] Hotel Insider: well, we had just got regal beloit again for banquets
    [3:33] Hotel Insider: and they were doing like meetings for this new program they paid a mil for or something for managers
    [3:34] Hotel Insider: well these 3 people that use to work there I’m pretty sure stole this like big chest that they would keep there laptops in for the trainees
    [3:34] Turk: yeah
    [3:34] Hotel Insider: and they were watching you and seeing what you were posting etc seeing if maybe you were the one who did it


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