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  • Friday October 19th 2007
    Hellgate: London 9:12 pm-
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    Hellgate: London just went gold. Me and Gawain had been playing the beta. The nda has been lifted now that it’s gone gold. First let’s take a look at one of my favorite bugs from the beta. The goddamn portals. Jesus they were everywhere. They did eventually fix this one. But there are so many more.

    Hellgate_mp_Dx9_x86 2007-09-24 09-07-20-62.jpg

    Here is a movie of the portals. Keep in mind this is footage from a beta build. Also keep in mind supposedly the beta build players played was not the up to date build the developers had. Why one would have people test an old build of the game still baffles me.

    [drain file 50 show]

    And on top of retarded bugs like the above the performance is shit on my pc at times. You can find more screens shots from this old beta here. And then some newer old beta shots can be found here.

    The best bug yet though has to be one Gawain has been suffering since we started playing this game. His chat window is fucking broken, patch after patch and new builds came and gone nothing ever fixing his problem.

    chatwindowstillbroken morechat morechat2

    He couldn’t even get one dev to reply about the problem. If you have beta access you can see his forum post right here. The game is a train wreck if you want to play over the net with a friend. The single player is supposedey in better shape. I don’t know myself because I saw that the just released demo has adware built in. And on top of everything else wrong with this game they finally announced what you get if you pay the ten bucks a month (cut and pasted from VE3D):

    • Elite Mode – Tougher mobs, tougher all round
    • Hardcore Mode – Perma-death mode for your character
    • Themed events and items – First begins on day of release, Halloween
    • Guild Creation – What it says on the tin!
    • Achievements – Slay 6,000 zombies, get a pat on the back, and maybe a bonus item too
    • Extra Character Slots – 24 for you, 3 for non-subscribers
    • Larger Stash – Twice the space as non-subscribers
    • Name Color – Get a colored name, wooo!
    • Forum Icon – Makes you stand out on the official forums when bitching about the in-game ads

    And that is it. What a great deal. Pass on the game and pass on the cheap ass shit you get for ten bucks a month. I’ll look at this one again in a years time. Just to see if it lasted and is finally playable.

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