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Wednesday July 23rd 2008
This And That 5:38 am-
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I took down my resume page. I did this because I think someone was able to figure out where I work (not hard as I list the hotel by name on the resume) and call for me there. The second shift guy told me they asked to talk to Turk of Hotelblues.com. Not the kind of thing I want to hear in the real world. I’ve talked about this before here. The last time it happened it was an old friend. this time it was a complete stranger. For whatever fucked up reason I consider that crossing some boundary.

Some chick working at a hotel in ohio found me via this google search ”gf management” and found my search page for those words. Now on the search results page it grabs the text around the search terms and highlights the terms. To help one find what they maybe looking for. Now on the search page for the terms ”gf management” it has two results. First one makes no sense it is a post on Firefox plugins. No words highlighted on that one. The second result is a post from 2004 about the management company that managed the hotel that I never ever saw. So I referred to them as something like the make believe beasts like Bigfoot of the Lock Ness Monster.

So prior to this post the only place one finds ”gf management” was that post. The gf was in the word bigfoot. Management shows up all over the place. But only in that one post with the term gf. The search page pretty much spells this out for you. But apparently that blurb of the search results and the highlighted words were to much for this person to comprehend. And in general I don’t want to associate with people with poor reading comprehension.

What irritates me more is that this person tried to tell me what is on my website. She was pretty sure she had read the terms gf management in a post of mine and wanted to get the dirt on them. Now call me silly, but I do happen to know what is on my site. In fact I’ve noticed that I get quite a few hits from google for the terms gf management. Let me say right now I have no clue what GF Management is like. I have no clue if they are good or bad. And I don’t care. Look around on the net. Do not call me at work. Email me or get ahold of me on aim. From here on in I’m not answering to the name Turk in the real world. Unless your really cute and want to do horribly nasty sexual things to me. And I would want picture for proof. Now you people looking for dirt on this GF Management can fuck off and leave me alone.

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