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Friday December 31st 1999
Your Star Wars Name 11:00 am-
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Ok it’s the last day of the year, and I really don’t have anything worth while to say. I really have not had much to say the whole month as you can tell by the fact this is the first time I opened my mouth in December.

So here is a little something to try why you wait for the end of the world or do whatever your going to be doing.

It appears that George Lucas uses a formula to create all those silly names you see in the Star Wars trilogy and Phantom Menace (JarJarBinks, ObiWan, etc.)

Well…I have gotten a hold of the formula! To see what your Star Wars name is, follow the steps below…

Your Star Wars First Name:

1. Take the first 3 letters of your last name.
2. Add to that, the first 2 letters of your first name.

Your Star Wars Last Name:

1. Take the first 2 letters of your mother’s maiden name.
2. Add the first 3 letters of the name of the town in which you were born.

There you go! That’s your Star Wars Name.

Thanks To Jen for sending me this. This is Winch Webel signing off. And here is a link to Your Star Wars Name cgi script made by the same crazy guys who did the Furby Hooker Network.

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