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Wednesday April 21st 2004
This And That 1:40 am-
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Well I’m two nights into my switch from Mountain Dew to Diet Pepsi. I need the caffeine to keep me going at work. If it wasn’t for that I would be drinking water all the time. Maybe I’ll try kicking pop all together later on.

My entry back into the world of weight lifting went off without to much trouble. The only thing I can say is my poor weak muscles are aching. The pain is good though, that means the shit is working. I’m only going to do weights every other day. I don’t want to go crazy and hurt myself.

I also need to get myself a pair of sneakers. I plan on riding my bike now and then if it’s nice out. My combat boots just don’t really cut it for that kind of thing. My only other pair of footwear happens to be sandals and that’s not really very good for that sort of thing either. Especially if I do get the motivation to do some walking. Which I may.

Writing about all this feels weird. But so far I’m three days past any other time I’ve tried to do something like this. And considering the fact my previous attempts never left the planning stages three days ain’t that bad. But I got a lot of work ahead of myself. But I only plan to take it a day at a time.

Also thanks are due to both Jordan and Ben for their words of encouragement. It really does help to hear that kind of thing. So thank you to the both of you.

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