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Friday April 23rd 2004
Game Time 2:52 am-
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Man I’ve been neglecting talking about my computer game addiction as of late. I’ve been playing two games that have been keeping me away from anything else. I do plan on getting some screen shots later on, but here is the run on these two games.

First off is Painkiller. This game is a very old school first person shooter that takes you back to the days of Doom and the original Quake, or more specifically like Serious Sam from a few years ago. It is very fast paced and it likes to throw tons of bad guy’s at you. One odd thing about it. You only have five weapons. Now each of these weapons have a primary fire and an alt fire, so in a sense you have ten weapons. It is a lot of fun. If you have a pc that can run it. The system requirements are kind of high on this one. So be warned if you get it and it plays like shit.

The second game I’m playing right now is Sacred. It is a game that has a heavy Diablo/Diablo 2 feel to it. And that’s not a bad thing in this case. It is a fun hack and slash rpg. Just don’t expect anything out of the ordinary from it and you will enjoy it. The major downside to this game as of right now is the status of the games patches. The latest patch is version 1.6 and it apparently either breaks or doesn’t fix a number of issues regarding a location you visit later in the game. Again be careful when playing this one. It may be best to leave the version first installed off of the cd on your pc until they get their shit straight with the patches.

I’ll get some decent screen shots of these two in the next couple of days and put them up when I’m not being totally lazy.

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