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Thursday November 27th 2003
My Attitude? 1:14 am-
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This is going to be one of those “riddle me this Batman” kind of posts, just for the fact I’m fucking stumped. You see this morning I’m waiting to go home. Now I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’m scheduled to leave at 7:00 am I expect to leave at 7:00 am. I’m kind of funny that way. I’m getting ahead of myself.

So this morning I’m waiting to leave work. Now I give a person 5 minutes after my designated time before I call them. So of course the five minutes were up and I called the nice lady who was supposed to work. She explained that she had called the front desk manager at 5:30 am. She further explained that at 5:30 am the front desk manager told her they would come in.

Now this is were my attitude comes in. Because the way I do things (that is the way anyone with more than 4 years experience does things) is different than what went on this morning. Here are the events that went the way they were supposed to. 1. An employee isn’t coming in so she calls her “manager”. 2. The said “manager” tells the sick employee that they would work for them.

Now after that the way things normally would work get thrown right out the window. First if I were a “manager” I would have called the night audit guy to let them know I’m coming in for the employee who couldn’t come in. It’s the polite thing to do, and the night audit guy appreciates stuff like that. And besides being the polite thing to do the “manager” would have earned some respect from the audit guy. And let me tell you respect is earned, not given. Second if I were a “manager” I would make sure I came in on time. I mean I would have had enough of a warning in advance because the employee called me at 5:30 am. Because what kind of example is it I set as “manager” if I can’t come in on time? And none of this occurred. I was not called and told someone else was coming in. And yes I was a little pissed.

But I want it to be crystal clear I had no intention to write about this. I had no intention to say anything at all about this topic either here on my site or in the real world. But when I’m told that other employees were asked by this “manager” if my attitude was always like this I just had to say something. You see I had thought I had made my position clear on this kind of subject matter, but I guess I need to say it again.

Under the current regime I expect quite a bit. I expect a person to come in when they are scheduled. I expect this doubly so if it is a manager coming in. Because as I said above what does it say to me a peon, if a “manager” comes in late? Of course I realize this also applies to me. And I do my best to make sure I come in on time. In the last five years alone I have only missed one day (as far as I can remember). I also expect to leave at the time I’m scheduled to. So if I’m scheduled to leave at 7:00 am, then by god I expect to be walking out the doors at about 7:01 am. No exceptions on this one.

Now I expect all of this for a number of reasons. Reasons I have stated before. But I will cover them again. I’m paid a meager eight dollars and seventy five cents an hour. You the employer gets what they pay for. I have not got a raise or a review in over two years. I also don’t get vacation pay. It’s because of this I do not do more than what I’m payed to do. This means I just do the audit, that is it. And you will have to forgive me if I want to get the fuck out of the place when my time comes. There is no beyond the call of duty with me. You want that to change you now what you have to do. And you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

P zGuxLiN H xc c
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