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Tuesday December 2nd 2003
Wrong Foot 6:50 pm-
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Perhaps I’ve started off on this whole thing the wrong way? I shouldn’t be so hard on the new front desk manager. This person hasn’t been doing this as long as I have and may not know how things are at the hotel. One has to take in account the fact this new one is just starting out in this business. And make no mistake, anyone who comes into a management gig and has less than five years under their belt is going to have a hard time at this hotel.

They have no idea of the places history and what the current situation is really like at the hotel. You got to understand I’ve been doing this hotel stuff (one way or another) for over ten years now and my previous comment about earing respect still holds. And I understand that respect runs both ways. I’m just in the position that my respect given is of a greater value than that of a three year “veteran” of the hotel business.

Look at it this way. I am the only one (apparently) able to train people on how to do the audit. Now the questions to ask yourself is do I get payed to train people? Am I a manager were it would be my responsibility to train people for the audit? So you will have to forgive me if I come off a little gruff. You add this training thing to the list which includes no vacations and a lack of a raise in a long time. The list by the way that keeps me from doing anything other than the audit.

The issue of being late (really late) to work, on the other hand is still something that pisses me off. That’s not something you will be able to change how I feel about. Your a manager it’s your duty to lead by example. And as a matter of fact I asked the consultant the following question: “you come in at a scheduled time and you leave at a scheduled time right? And you expect to leave at your scheduled time?” His reply was yes to both questions. So I guess I’m right on that one.

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