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Thursday April 22nd 1999
How To Get Mo Money 11:32 pm-
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Ok, here is my response to Scorp’s question. You have to remember that I have been out of the loop as far as the hotel is concerned, so my comments may be of no use to anyone.

First, they always promised a raise in 90 days to all of the new people. You wouldn’t have taken the job if they told you ” well we can not promise you a raise. But if you wait long enough hell just might freeze over” (Once more let me state this applies to the front desk, I do not know the inner workings of the other departments). In all of my time this has always been the management’s unspoken official stance on the subject of raises. But, and you knew a but was coming didn’t you? There are a few tricks to get a raise out of these fascist money grubbing mongers.

The first thing you can try is this, ask nicely for your raise. You never know, check the news to see if hell did freeze over. You also have to remember that at the hotel the realm of reason and all things just do not exist. The hotel is in a reality all of its own. So thinking to yourself “I will not demand a raise. I should be given a raise because of my performance and that should be enough.” Ok you can try this too. Except you will never get a raise. Never.

The second way comes in multiple tactics. First you can go in to the FDM or GM’s office and scream. You have to raise a ruckus for this to work. I happen to know of quite a few people that received a raise this way. The other thing you have to keep in mind is the idea of tenure and seniority does not exist at the hotel. For example, Maggie received a raise putting her ahead of me in pay when I was clearly above her in seniority. Don’t get me wrong I happen to like Maggie, I’m just using her as an example. You know how she got her raise? She bitched up a storm. Ok the second part to the demanding a raise tactic is to not only bitch and moan about the raise to the powers to be and anyone else who will listen, is to actively seek employment elsewhere. For this to work you have to make sure you tell the people you know will tell your secret to others. When you tell people about you secret always use the line “don’t tell anyone else what I’m about to tell you” or something along that. I think I got a raise out of this, I can’t be certain. I was bullshitting everyone at the time that I was leaving for Menard$. When in truth I hadn’t even went for a interview.

So ends my guide to getting a raise at the hotel. I offer no guarantees if you do this that you will receive a raise. A lot of factors have changed. For one there is a new FDM, and he might be a nice guy you never know.

I have to get ready for work so I say goodnight.

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