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Sunday November 21st 1999
Fuck It 1:44 pm-
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Well in the spirit of the saying “you can only please some of the people some of the time…” This was left in the GuestBook by someone calling himself/herself the Insider:

Gosh, “Turk” (as you liked to be called here on the net) you have had some interesting things to say as of late. I have picked an appropriate title. Between your usual irrelevant ranting and you trying to figure out who I am you should have a great time with adding fuel to an already dead fire. I found your usage of metaphors slightly overdone in the greatly worded “Where is Sergei Fedorov?” Funny in a pathetic way. So in it’s spirit I will continue with your use of the metaphor “Sergei and the game of hockey”. You must really be in love with the game of hockey. You have to love something a lot to be able to give it up like that. Maybe in your mind you are more akin to Romeo than any hockey star. You must view your life as some great Shakespearian tragedy. Am I hitting home yet? I think your claim of giving up the game of hockey is laughable. Have you stuck to your guns big guy? See any of the game lately? I think Sergei Fedorov must have had you pegged correctly. You think this way and honestly think Fedorov would want a friend like you? Get on with your own life. I also thought it was a little heartless of you to post those remarks found here in the guestbook regarding people being friends at the hotel. You feeling a little vengeful? So its your ball now, to use another metaphor. I have enjoyed your website up until the very recent past. You are a legend in your own mind. Figure me out, and I will give you a cookie and a bozo pin.

What can I say? I don’t care who you are, so figuring you out doesn’t excite me. As far as the “metaphor” you refer, I can only say this: It’s not the quantity of friends it the quality. I’m not the smartest guy and I never claimed to be. But I’ve met some pretty shallow people in my life. Jesus H Christ, if this doesn’t piss me off at the base level. Fine. Whatever. I really am at a loss of words. It finally has happened, I have no smart ass remark no clever comment or a devious play of words.

On the bright side this “Insider” has just made himself/herself into another of the pantheon of weird and interesting people/things this site has and my life has brought about. So good for you. I ate the cookie but if I lay my hands on a bozo pin I’ll give it to you.

ptwH B ag
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