• Turk: No I’m not currently working the hotel business. Which is probably a good thing.
  • David: Are you still working hotels? I work Night Audit myself.
  • IMAHUGEFAGGOT: ur complaining because ur lazy ass was sleeping during ur delivery. who’s fault is that? If you...
  • HEMI MUSIC: Just another reason why FedEx sucks balls: pass this on..make sure everyone knows they’re wack.
  • Vito: Fedex has got to be one of the shittiest companies to work for. I thought slavery was outlawed. Talk about...
  • Izer54: I’m laughing my ass off. That is the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages.
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Monday September 26th 2016
Weekly Weigh In 8:34 am-
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The scale read 353.2 today so I think it is safe to say the calorie counting is working. I am far more aware now of what I eat. Last week I talked about how eating potato chips was a problem I had to work on. I really think that thanks to the calorie counting I’ve got my potato chip usage down to the recommended one serving. I’m well on my way to 350.

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Monday September 19th 2016
Weekly Weigh In 7:34 am-
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358.0! The first goal I set for myself was hitting 360. It feels pretty good I must say. So I guess counting calories has been helping. So now my next goal is hitting 350. Not to far away I know. I want to try to set reasonable goals for myself. Looking at my little notebook I do know I got to cut down on potato chips. That will be my side objective or side quest if your a geek. I feel pretty good right now.

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Monday September 12th 2016
Week Six Weigh In 8:41 am-
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So let me talk about the good before I do the bad. The good thing is this last week I started to count the calories I eat. Which has made me more aware of the things I eat. I’ve been trying to hit 1500 calories each day. Or no more than 2000 a day. So that is the good. The bad is that I gained .8 of a pound since last time. So my bad new isn’t all that bad. I’m at an even 363 now according to my Dads scale. I did eat about 4 pieces of pizza at my Nieces birthday party. It could have been much worse I suppose. Next week I expect to be back on track thanks to the calorie counting.

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Monday September 5th 2016
Week Five Weigh In 8:31 am-
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362.2! I still think something is wrong. Since I went to the Doctor for a check up I know the scale is right. They even did blood work and I was good on that too. My blood pressure is back to normal. All of that and I still have doubts. Maybe it’s seeing my Nephew go through this cancer shit. So I’m 2 pounds away from my first goal of hitting 360. I try to stay positive. It’s just hard sometimes when I see the shit happening to my two year old nephew.

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Monday August 29th 2016
Weigh In Week Four 9:38 am-
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Today I weigh 366.8. A loss of 2 pounds if we round up. At this point I’ll take it with the rounding up. This is a good time to throw out another link to my nephew Logan’s GoFundMe campaign. Please donate what you can.

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Monday August 22nd 2016
Weekly Weigh In 11:55 pm-
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So my exercise and dieting seems to be working. This week I weighed in at 368.4. Last week I was 369.6. I may have ate a bit more this last week because of some of the stuff going on in the family. I’m going to work on not stress eating. But overall I will take the 1 pound I lost this week as a good thing and try harder as for next week.

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Monday August 15th 2016
Weekly Weigh In 8:53 am-
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I walked just about 3 miles (round trip) today. It was exactly 2.8 miles according to my cars odometer. So the good news is today I weighed myself and I’m now 369.6.

The bad news is that on Tuesday (the 9th) the day after I weighed myself in at 371.8 I ate like I used to. I had two sandwiches at lunch. I ate supper and then a few hours later I had two peanut butter sandwiches and a pile of chips. I didn’t weigh myself until Friday the 12th. I had gone up. I weighed 374.3 that Friday. It was dumb I know. But I wanted to see how much weight I would gain from how I used to eat. Again really stupid.

I had to see for myself that I was actually losing weight. It wasn’t real until I saw the numbers go down for myself. Today I even weighed myself three times just to make sure the digital scale wasn’t playing tricks on me. I still doubt it to be honest. I won’t really be happy until I can see it myself when I look in a mirror. But I’m going to keep at it.

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