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Monday January 28th 2002
Black Hawk 2:32 am-
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Have you seen this movie? A Jerry Bruckheimer produced flick I liked? A Jerry Bruckheimer movie that didn’t play like a Jerry Bruckheimer movie? I’ve not been this disgusted and angry from a movie since the Nick Cage movie 8mm.

I’m not a guy who has served in the armed forces. I’m not really a kind of person who thinks military force is always the answer. But I feel for those guys. The US soldiers, the guys whose job it is to be soldiers. What a cluster fuck. Them poor fucking guys.

And those Somalians, what kind of savages are those people? Fucking dragging the corpses of those dead US soldiers around? That is savage. That was an instance when I could have lived with civilian casualties. Lot’s of civilian casualties.

And I have respect for the men who serve. Sure I play all the games like Ghost Recon and Operation Flashpoint. So I have seen a lot of simulated action. But seeing Black Hawk Down just makes it clear that I never could do what those US soldiers do. I would have shit my pants ten times over in a fight like that.

Black Hawk Down has been compared to Saving Private Ryan. But Ryan was a hypothetical what if of WWII. Black Hawk Down was a real engagement. Ryan’s war scenes didn’t sicken me. Maybe the Omaha Beach scene in the beginning. But the war scenes in Black Hawk Down made me want to cover my eyes. Seeing characters who are based on real people die just had that effect on me.

It’s been some eight hours since I’ve seen the film and I’m still angry. This is a good time to end this one.

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