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Tuesday June 27th 2006
Robbed 1:35 am-
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You just can’t buy this kind of bad press:

Police seek two in armed robbery
South Beloit police are looking for two men who robbed the Shithole Hotel early Sunday morning. According to police reports, the desk clerk said a black man carrying a long-barreled shotgun approached the desk from the north hallway at 1:02 a.m., pointed the gun in her face and demanded money. She gave him money and noticed a second black man standing around the corner, who then also approached the desk.

All of this I personally find very funny. When I got robbed back in the day we had cops doing security. Which makes this post even more of a “I Told You So” than before.

One thing worth mentioning (for comedy value alone) is that after I was held up the hotel management at the time decided to install four cameras. Two of these cameras look at the front desk area, One looks in back at the drop box, and one looks at the first floor pop machines. The idea was that the cameras would stop anyone from robbing the hotel. Which up until now it did I suppose.

Being as old as this camera system is the recording device is just a vcr. Now this thing will record about 24 hours a tape I believe. When you watch it time is played back at faster pace so it all looks like some bad black and white keystone cop movie. But on the night of robbery there was no tape in the vcr. Which one has to wonder just how incompetent is the hotel management that they can’t put a blank tape in the vcr?

Lets go back to the Security topic again. Now the two guys had a shotgun. What would the hotel engineer (yes it’s still the hotel engineer doing security) do if he happened to come up while the place was getting robbed? At the most the guy has his tool belt and maybe pepper spray. The guy also is one of those guys that wants to be a cop. So the guy would have most likely got himself and possibly the desk clerk hurt.

Is the money the hotel is saving by not having cops security worth risking it’s hotel employees? Because that’s the way I see it. These cheap fucks are even too stupid to figure out that all the cops wanted was a raise or two now and then to make them happy. A month later and a fucking engineer is still doing security on the weekends? According to the gm engineering was a “temporary solution”. Does it take a month or more to get rentacops? I’m starting to think that this is just how it is now. Which really is sad.

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