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Saturday July 10th 2004
Spidey 2 Thoughts 7:14 pm-
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I saw Spider-Man 2 again. I just got back from the show. I want to go on the record saying that Spider-Man 2 is the greatest superhero movie ever made. It is the purest translation of a comic book to a movie.

Seeing this movie and the first Spider-Man flick reminds me just why Spidey is my favorite of all the superheroes. Peter Parker/Spider-Man is the every man. He’s me, he’s you. He worries about the shit that I worry about and I know I said it before.

It’s just that how many of these superheroes are your average joe? And I’m going to aim my fire at those rich snob DC fucking heroes. Batman? A fucking rich guy. Superman? Another fucking rich guy. And sure there are a few Marvel guys like that.

But how can I associate with fucking these rich got it all superheroes? If you take away their powers and their skin tight costumes they still got none of the problems I do. It’s nice to see poor Peter Parker and his normal problems. I can understand what he feels.

I’ve seen Spider-Man 2 twice now. This movie is one of those I can watch a hundred more times. I know for a fact I’ll see it again. Shit I may even go see it again tonight. It was that good. If you saw the first movie and you liked it, if you even slightly dig the Spider-Man comic you got to go see this movie.

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