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Thursday March 22nd 2001
New Obsession 4:16 am-
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Let’s talk about games. A new game is out that made me kick my SE4 addiction. The game is called Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns. And I’m addicted to it. Kohan is a real time strategy game set in a fantasy world. Yet it’s not a real time game in the vein of Command And Conquer. Kohan has roots in some of the classic historical turn based game.

Such concepts as morale and true line of sight are just some of the things that makes this one different. The way you control your troops is also handled differently than in a normal real time strategy game. Instead of having to select and control individual units, Kohan uses a company based system. There is a captain, then a frontline of four slots and then two support unit slots. Depending on what units you put in the frontline handles how the company acts.

The graphics are superb. No fancy smancy 3D graphics. Just plain old graphics that look really good. here are two images I cut out to show off Kohan’s graphics. Below these are more.

Here are some of the same shots plus two others, just a whole lot bigger. Shot One. Shot Two. Shot Three. Shot Four.

And here is a link to the official Kohan forum.

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