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Saturday November 30th 2002
Doom 3 Shots 7:39 am-
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Did you hear about how an early version of Doom 3 was leaked onto the net? This was so big it even made CNN. It’s been floating around the net now for almost a month and I finally got a hold of a copy. I know that this is wrong. At least form id’s stand point. And I do happen to agree with them.

But I’m only human. I found a real copy and I had to download it. I won’t give the link out so don’t even ask. Find it yourself. I now know that my computer has once again joined the lowend. I have a AMD Athlon 1.2, Thunderbird with 512mb’s of ram, a GeForce 3 video card, and a nice big 80 gig harddrive. Doom 3 laughs at my pathetic computer. My computer is shit.

I have to run the leaked alpha at 640×480. Everything is on by default graphics wise. I get a very low 6-8 frames per second. God forbid more than one monster is attacking. Wow, playing Doom 3 just doesn’t make me care about my now pathetic computer. What a game. The monster detail is amazing even at 640×480. Here are 6 screenshots of the doom 3 Alpha leek:

One Two
Three Four
Five Six

By the way, if you have the leak I do have a link for you. It’s to a forum post that explains how to make the alpha work. This’ll Help U Get Doom Running OK is the name of the post. One thing it forgets to mention is the fact that clicking Single Player and then New Game will make the game crash.

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