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Friday October 29th 1999
A Lazy Reprint 10:25 am-
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Ok because I have been such a lazy bastard as of late I decided to take the easy way out by throwing up some content that’s damn near a year old. I thought up this crazy thing one night at work last year around this time. And I always love the classic Star Trek episode “Mirror ,Mirror”. You know the one where Kirk and company get zapped into a alternate reality were everything is opposite of the world they came from. Ok so I’m a Star trek geek.

The following is a fine example of my twisted sense of humor. You have to keep in mind that my mind set has changed a little since then. Some of it needs a setup. Spider who is mentioned in the following stuff was/is my alter ego that I created for the sole purpose of making fun of the management of the hotel without me catching flak over it. I have always felt not enough people responded to it so that’s another excuse for me reprinting it.

I also have to say hi to Curt from the kitchen who has finally joined those of us who are cyber-savvy. Curt has made me feel terribly guilty for not updating the site in such a long time. So hi Curt. Also if any of the Ross’s happen to still hit the page hi to you guy’s too. I have been just as bad with my e-mail as I have with the web page. If Jeff or Jen happen to read this I’m sorry for being so lazy lately. And I need Jeff’s e-mail address again, because I lost it when I had my trouble with the Linux OS.

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