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Wednesday October 17th 2001
To Lazy To Write Ross 5:07 am-
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Well I have been really bad as of late about responding to e-mails and I have been really bad about updating the website. So I’m going to kill two birds with one stone.

Ross one of these days I got to come and visit again. I had a lot of fun the last time I saw you and the wife. Not much is going on here in my fiefdom. I have gave up my idea of fighting “them”. My oldman advised me that it was a no win scenario. But I’m having some trouble being one of the team.

I think that subconsciously my brain won’t let me be one of those team players. Yeah maybe some psychological help could be in order. It’s just that one side of me thinks that just doing what they want is a good idea. But that other part of me ends up saying stuff I hadn’t planed on saying. I even realize this while I say some of the shit I shouldn’t. I think to myself damn what made just say “the managers are all pussies.”

As far you sounding like Dennis Miller, to me I have always felt you sound like Mr. Miller. You know a lot of shit. Half the time I have to look up some of the references you make. The other half of the time I try to pretend I know what your talking about and then go look it up.

Sorry for my lazy ways. I’m so into this damn Dark Age Of Camelot online rpg. It’s all I do when I’m at home. Later man.

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