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Friday November 4th 2005
Never Learn 2:30 am-
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I’m laughing my ass off and I’m at work. The incompetent management has decided not to pay MSI and after a few faxes attempting to get payment they have stopped supporting WinPM at our hotel. So if anything goes wrong you can just say good night. It’s all over. Until the cheap fucks that are the owners of this miserable hotel decides to pay their bill.

It’s funny really because I saw the first fax when it came over through. I brought it up to the Sheriff. I tried to stress how important it is to have MSI Support. This was in early October mind you. So the hotel was warned. Pay or no more support. The Sheriff should know how important it is to have support. What if something really bad happens with the computers?

Which tonight all it was is that I couldn’t finish the reports that usually spit out after the audit is done. Big whoop. But it illustrates my point. I called support and they could not help me reprint the reports. Not that I really give a shit. Those reports don’t make or break my job. It’s management that need them. It’s just the general idea. I was really hoping for something nasty to happen. But this will serve my purposes.

Do these people think this is anyway to run a business? When you owe someone over two grand I think you have problems. And I wonder if the same thing were to happen to them if they would feel differently? Sure they would. These cheap fuckers want their money. They just don’t want to pay the bills. They want their cake and to eat it to. And god only knows how many other companies this hotel owes money. It will just continue on this way. These “owners” will never learn. It’s a sad thing really.

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