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Saturday October 10th 1998
Iggy Returns 3:00 am-
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Iggy has the floor:

Well I have to say thanks to Turk for pointing out the fact that he now knows my identity..WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT?? Okay..so you know I can’t keep my mouth shut..and you know that I have a great time messing with you Turk..you are a smartass and other than me I am impressed that someone else could also be so lucky to have been blessed with this trait. I have now invented my own TRADEMARK called the SMARTASS ATTITUDE. You see the smartass attitude is derived from the works of many of our forefather’s who tried to establish the great art of obtaining the SMARTASS ATTITUDE. But as we know it takes time for all good things to come to term..and NOW it is time to Have the SMARTASS ATTITUDE perfected!! SO SMARTASSES, Unite..and I give you the power to continue on with the SMARTASS ATTITUDE (how the fuck do i put in the TM?? LOL) And since I invented the SMARTASS ATTITUDE.. was kind enough to look it up in the dictionary to find out if it did all of us justice with the SMARTASS ATTITUDE. Upon futher examination here is what I found: First off did you know that the word SMARTASS First appeared in 1964?? hmmm..let’s see Sounds like a woman was behind that one too….So I proceeded to go forth and look at what the word SMART (first part of the word smartass for those of you asleep) was defined as…I found this very interesting: An Obnoxiously conceited and self-assertive person with pretensions to smartness or cleverness. (sound like a smartass?) Brisk, spirited, knowledgable, shrewd, witty, clever, pert, saucy, sophisticated and last but not least, being a guided missile. Well that is my fair share of defense in the honor of all Smartass’s, who can, if they choose, share in my desire to pursue my right to carry on the SMARTASS ATTITUDE (TM) I also think the definition above could be also noted as possibly the new HARPY THEME SONG (TM). Okay as now I am done going off on my tangem, I do have to say that I will carry my SMARTASS ATTITUDE(TM) by all means with me at all times..and if the big boys in their Hotel closets ever want to give us shit again…We can pull out our ATTITUDES and Fuck them all in the ass..for now we have something they can never possess….SMART FUCKING ATTITUDES!! Okay Turk..just wanted you to know I am still here and still behind you in your webpage..Keep it up buddy..it is great!!! And I want to personally buy each and every one of the TOILET PAPER KINGS lunch for their heroic efforts at beautifying our Hotel..Nice job..too bad it didn’t work..HAHA!! IGGY

Enough said!!!

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