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Tuesday January 30th 2001
This And That 9:16 pm-
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Just a few things before I go and take a nap. First Ross checked in answering my question about what song he did at Karaoke.

Name: ross
Where: the moans of a dieing trekkie
Date: 01/30/01
Time: 02:49 PM

hey turk. the song you ask of I’m not sure. lets rebuild the scene. one song was helter skelter. that’s the one were the chick at the bar told me not to quit my day job. I don’t care who you are, or how many beers you have, if your not Paul McCartney you are going to destroy that one. The second one is ” I am the walrus” you know ” Man you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allen Poe” I think you’re looking for this one. man that was fun night we ruled the stage! I think everyone else was scared. oh well later bro

I am the walrus. Yep that’s it. Yes we did rule the stage that night. We kicked ass. Note to myself, stay away from Karaoke. Really I’m serious. Some people I know have a tape of me butchering Billy Joel. Scary stuff.

Also Iggy has had a second installment of Dear Iggy. I may be prejudiced but I think Iggy is doing a great Job. So go and look and maybe even send in something to Iggy.

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