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Sunday September 27th 1998
Who The Fuck Is Iggy? 3:00 am-
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Found this bizarre shit in my GuestBook:

EVIL-Laugh!! HAHA…The dark side of the lowly hotel ranks..HAHAHA!!

I Just have to say that as I ran through the pages of this GREAT invention, that obviously has come from a mind that must reach the far depths of comedic genius.(.that only the Three Stooges could even come close to compare,) that I found myself Rolling o the floor in the midst of all of the crap that has been laid out before me during my employment at this FINE establishment! I do have to say that although it is messy..the floor…I found myself loosing it over and over..This is a wonderful outlet for u poor abused souls..who just so happen to be digenerate enough to understand it. Well kiddies..time for me to get ready for High School..ooops I mean work…Thanks to Turk for all of the great satirism..I truly believe we have come into the deep dark unk own ..sometimes called oblivion when we think about our place in this joyride called Holiday Hell..(snicker) Leaving with quote of wisdom: If you are mentally confused and prone to wandering: HAVE WE GOT A JOB FOR YOU!!~author not known…even to himself.


I guess its ok to have the weirdo fanatic element in force on this page. Especially since the Asshole are trying to fuck with my freedom of speech and press. You go Iggy, you crazy bastard. Write back.

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