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Wednesday August 15th 2007
Chat Log Again 6:52 am-
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Because these really are so easy. The last time I shocked Gawain like this it was my confession of disliking the Blue Man Group and that Jack Nicholson is a bad Joker.

[06:03] Gawain: lotion hee. I forgot about this.
[06:04] Gawain: I need to download the mp3 again.
[06:07] Turk: what is it?
[06:07] Turk: why do I want to watch it?
[06:07] Gawain: its the greenskeepers signing “it puts the lotion in the basket”
[06:07] Gawain: its OOOOOOLD.
[06:07] Turk: ahah
[06:07] Turk: ok
[06:07] Gawain: but still awesome.
[06:08] Turk: you lost me at greenskeepers
[06:08] Gawain: what?
[06:08] Turk: never heard of it/them
[06:08] Turk: this another weirdo german speed metal band?
[06:09] Gawain: no, not at all.
[06:09] Gawain: its acoustic guitar I think.
[06:09] Turk: ok looked it up on wikipedia
[06:10] Gawain: its just a funny goddamn song. christ.
[06:10] Turk: ok
[06:10] Turk: sorry
[06:10] Gawain: you’d think I sent you furry porn at some point or something.
[06:10] Turk: come on you know me. billy joel and frank sinatra
[06:10] Turk: musically challenged I’ve been called
[06:11] Gawain: well this is funny and you should watch it if you haven’t seen it. it came out like a couple years ago, but its still good. especially if you’re a silence of the lambs fan.
[06:11] Gawain: which I am.
[06:11] Turk: I’ve never seen it
[06:12] Gawain: hah hah. thats really funny. hah. not seen silence of the lambs. man you almost had me there.
[06:12] Turk: honestly
[06:12] Turk: hand to god
[06:12] Gawain: but… its one of the classics of modern cinema!
[06:12] Gawain: anthony fuckin’ hopkins!
[06:13] Turk: yeah I know of it
[06:13] Turk: just not seen it
[06:13] Turk: not really up my alley
[06:14] Turk: I’ve shattered your perception of me again, haven’t I?
[06:14] Gawain: …. HOW CAN THIS BEEEEEEE?!
[06:14] Gawain: shit, and now I have to go to work.
[06:14] Gawain: and watch it.
[06:14] Turk: in fact
[06:14] Turk: the line
[06:14] Turk: rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again
[06:14] Turk: I know from an episode of family guy
[06:14] Gawain: omg.
[06:14] Gawain: I can’t talk to you anymore.
[06:15] Gawain: jesus. download the movie. watch it. jesus. never… seen… jesus christ. how could you… have… gaaaaaaaaaaagh
[06:15] Turk: I’m just not into serial killers
[06:15] Turk: sorry

Not only have I not seen The Silence of the Lambs, I never seen any of the sequels either. I’m just not into these kinds of movies.

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