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Monday August 8th 2005
This And That 11:40 pm-
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Rumor time. First up the Ninja Management Company (who has only been mentioned twice on this site here and here) has left the building. It sounds like it was them doing the quitting. As opposed to the owners letting them go for incompetence. Now if this is true it makes me wonder if maybe I’m right. Why would the “industry’s largest independent management company” give up managing a property if it was not because they were forced to operate the place like a bunch of retards. I hate to keep beating a dead horse here people but I really think the blame for how bad the hotel is run has to fall on the shoulders of the owners.

Secondly I hear some disturbing things about payday that partly ties in with this first item. The rumor mill says that the Ninja Management Company has been the ones making sure I get my paycheck. So the idea here is since they are gone am I going to get paid on the 10th? Because I hate to break it to the new guy so early on, but if I’m not payed I will not work. Simple as that. I’m here for the money. If I like my job, or if I like some of the people I work with it’s just a unpaid bonus. I’m all about getting my pitiful 8.75 an hour. So if on Wednesday at 3:00 pm I don’t get a check consider this my advance notice I will not be working there on in till I get my money. I’m a mercenary plain and simple people.

And speaking of payday. Who in their right mind schedules a mandatory employee meeting on the same day and time the employee’s get paid? My new boss it seems. I just don’t know how to take this. My gut reaction is that this is a horribly twisted and evil thing to do. I have bills that need paying. I have a checking account that is empty. At 3:00 pm on Wednesday I’m going in to get my check (if there is a check) and I’m going to go deposit my money and pay my bills. Now if the meeting is still going on once I’m done taking care of important matters I will stop in and attend what’s left of this meeting.

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