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Saturday August 8th 1998
About The Botched Union Attempt 3:00 am-
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I was thinking about the whole union fiasco, and came up with this observation (my opinion manager types).

First, the person who contacted the union people did not have a burning passion to see change in the hotel. When I say this I mean that they gave up to fast. Also the person in question was to frightened buy the possibility of getting fired because of his or her actions. If you are going to do something like contacting a union you have to not be afraid of what could happen, and a Fuck You Attitude™ is required. Sometimes change is a violent thing, just as the act of creation is. One must struggle with the knowledge that what you are attempting could hurt your fellow employees. Like say for instance the Engineering dept. If a union came in it would hurt those guys a lot. Their hands would be tied as to what they could do. I have friends in the before mentioned engineering dept., but I know for a change for the better will have causalities. I am willing to make that sacrifice if I attempt a union.

Second, the union that was contacted were worthless swine. They knew as much about organizing as do I. But learned a few things from what these supposed pros did. Hypothetically if I was to contact a union I would first look into the possible union choices. I would hypothetically pick say the Ufcw-The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. Which includes Hotels, such as say a Holiday Inn. Hypothetically speaking of course.

Now you probably want to know where I’m going with all this. And I’ll tell you where I’m going with this. I’m going for a comedic closing with my patented and trademarked wit and sarcasm and a pinch of my Fuck You Attitude™.

Me being the eternal company man would do this for my beloved hotel. I would offer the management a chance of paying me off, to forgo any lawyer bills they may pick trying to seek help in fighting the union. Say a flat under the table Five Hundred Bucks to keep me from doing anything related to union organizing. This is all hypothetically speaking of course. Because would I like some Republic Pictures bad guy tell my plans of world domination to the good guy so that he could stop me? No. Again this is all hypothetically speaking of course.

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