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Monday May 9th 2005
MSI Fans 2:20 am-
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If you don’t browse my forums you may have missed this post. What follows is the breakdown of the meat of it followed with my responses.

I found out about this website from a colleague at work. Seems you’ve gained some fans at work. I obviously cannot reveal anything about who I am or what I do at MSI – but I can say I am still employed there, and likely will be for some time.

Any time there is talk of people being fans of mine my head inflates a size or two. With him being with MSI it’s just extra cool seeing how their software is what we use at the hotel.

I used to be a night auditor/front desk clerk in Phoenix, AZ. (This is where MSI is based out of.) We all know how it goes – my REAL job was Night audit / Front Desk Clerk / Controller / Sales Rep / housekeeping / maintenance man. As fate would have it, I’ve moved on to Multi-systems. (A very wise move.)

Your a lucky guy then for getting a gig there. I’ve often thought about sending in some kind of resume to you guys. But then I remember how much I hate resumes and say fuck it.

Your stories remind me of the “good old days”. I could pass along some interesting ones of night audit encounters. I once started a tech-support hell website, but shut it down at the request of management. (someone narc’d me out.) Perhaps I’ll return to that endeavor at a later date – a yang to your ying.

I of course would encourage you to restart your tech-support hell website. But then that’s me. No names, locations, or brands is my motto. Other than of course when I break that rule talking about you guys.

Anyway, I just wanted to stop in and say, “hey”. Your website is quite an enjoyment.

Hey right back at you. Thanks for the kind words.

I swear to god – I want them to change that @#$%^&* hold music just as much as you do.

You know I regret writing about that now. I feel some how responsible (unlikely as it may be) for the change to your hold music/system. I want KYOT back! The new stuff has no personality.

Flip side – I’ve had auditors act indignant with me as well. I’m going to be less willing to get them back to business if they are a prick to me. Quid pro quo.

Well theres a good chance that was me being the prick. My thing when I’m on the line with you guys is that I don’t want to have to sit on the phone with you guys for thirty minutes while you guys try to fix my problem. I want my shit taken care of and thats it. Call me back, put me on hold, do whatever you need to do to get the job done. But please for the love of god don’t try to engage in small talk. I’m horrible at small talk. I do often come off as a prick because of this. And I don’t think breaking the ice by asking if they’ve ever been to Hotelblues.com will work.

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