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Thursday February 1st 2001
The GuestBook 10:31 pm-
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The GuestBook is really busy all of the sudden. First a question from NoName:

Is Spider really Troy? And why would you call a girl Pete?

No. Spider is not Troy. A girl named Pete? I don’t recall. Moving right along, we have Amy S. with a few suggestions:

Name: Amy S.
Where: a friend
Date: 02/01/01
Time: 04:17 PM


I guess I expected something different when Jenny told me to check this place out. Anyway, it’s cool. You need to have a daily funny story, or a story about something great that happened somewhere in the world, or a joke (preferably a dirty joke since those are the best). Ask a riddle and ask people to solve it. Quote someone, and have them figure out who your quoting. Describe someplace in the world or town, and have them try to figure out where you are talking about. EVEN BETTER, RATE EVERY BAR YOU GO TO. BUT RATE IT ON THINGS THAT MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH: Average time it takes for them to dump your ashtray, or refill your beer. How many times the bartender bends over in front of you, or how many drunk people you can count, or how comfortable the stools are, whether it was nipply, and if the bathroom toilets were all flushable. Or something funny or stupid that you seen on the bathroom stall. that’s what I would do if I had a web page. But this one’s all yours, so I hope you like my suggestions. Amy

Well like I said it’s hard to define my website. Dirty jokes I can do. I like the bar idea. I really like the bar idea. I’ll see if Secretive doesn’t keep me to busy. Once again I say if anyone wants to contribute to this page send it in. If Amy or anyone else has stories like she’s talking about send it in. Speaking of secretive, this is what he had to say:

I read the questions posted in the guestbook earlier about Spider & Pete. Spider is you. I think I know who Pete is, but I’m not sure, so I’ll refrain from commenting. There is so much to go through to get caught up with your site. I just wanted to drop a quick line. Nothing important to contribute today. It’s time for a smoke. You smoke Newport’s right? Ponder my identity over a few drags of a Newport and a MGD.

Spider me? Sure it was me. This one and here. The Spider NoName asked about referring to Pete was someone else. Not Troy though. Let’s drop the whole Pete thing. Ok? That’s a subject that is done and buried. I really do enjoy this Secretive. I hope you have something interesting to say next time. You keep this up I will be adding a Secretive’s Greatest Hits page to the Archive soon just like Iggy’s and Sergie’s. Oh I’m pondering. Ponder. Ponder. Ponder. I know who you are. Your just another strange product of this website. That’s all. I quit smoking. But I will ponder some more with the MGD. MGD, Ponder, MGD, Ponder.

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